Oil Field and Rig Catering

In the blistering heat of a no nonsense field, you need a reliable caterer that will not only adhere to health and safety regulations, but will also provide a delicious and satisfying meal that will keep your team productive the whole day through.

Diamond Point Catering is that caterer!

Diamond Point Catering is the Eagle Ford Shale areas’ premier on-site, on-time and on-budget oil field caterer.

We realize that hardy men need a hearty meal so we provide delicious selections specifically created to cater to the crews of the onsite rig locations. Our cycled menus ensure variety and our “Level I, Level II and Level III” options allow for complete and total customization.

At Diamond Point Catering, we pride ourselves in being the most professional hassle-free rig site caterer in the Eagle Ford Shale area. From the first phone call to the last plate served, our commitment is to deliver complete satisfaction.

Give your team the quality they deserve while giving yourself the worry-free experience that you deserve. See us in action!

Contact Sarah Rhoades at sarahr@diamondpointcatering.com or by phone at 361-884-1399 for more information and start experiencing Oil Field Catering the way it was meant to be!